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A cost-effective way to
provide the flexibility
needed in our current

A number of companies have announced a move towards a new flexible infrastructure that encompasses hybrid work, allowing employees to work from different spaces, whether that’s from home, the corporate offices, or a coworking space that the company pays for.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed both employer and
employee expectations regarding flexibility.

Primarily described as an enticing perk before the pandemic, flexibility has taken a new meaning that may be sticking around at a greater scale. Employers are now reshaping their processes to support these sizable shifts and implementing on the value of productive flexible working.

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Pay for what
you use means
no upfront costs

Our ‘pay for what you use’ model helps reduce up-front
barriers and gives much-needed flexibility in terms of
budget. It’s easy to consolidate your company’s spend
and even manage spending caps per group or employee.

Find your employees using less spaces this month?

Pay for utilization, not occupancy

Dramatically reduce your bottom line

100% flexibility, no monthly fees

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Deskpass has transformed the way we think about our footprint and is the first option we think of when considering real estate in a new city.

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One of the ways we would use Deskpass is as a reward for someone who had given the agency a lot from an hour standpoint or someone who needs to get some creativity. It's been a brilliant tool allowing us to offer managed workplace flexibility.

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Deskpass feels like it was designed just for 5. Flexible work-from-home solutions combined with Deskpass access to dozens of office spaces near our clients has been a game changer for us.

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The pandemic accelerated our plans to close up our physical office and move to fully distributed work. Deskpass was an easy option to offer our employees during this transition who need a change of pace from their home office every now and then. The availability, flexibility, and safety of the spaces has been a great lifeline for our teams to use when needed.

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