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Safety & Security

Each of the on-demand spaces in the Deskpass Network is committed to health and safety standards, as well as reliable internet, video conferencing, printing, and network security.

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Today’s employees demand flexible work programs
that balance health, happiness, safety and security.

Where and how people work is changing at an incredible pace and flexibility is the key to keeping people safe and healthy as the world changes.

According to a Gallup survey, 77% of employees expect to work remote full or part time in 2022 and beyond.
There were more than 3 million coworkers globally in 2019. This number is expected to nearly double by 2022.


Clearly defined and enforced requirements.

Deskpass shares the specific measures taken by each space to help ensure each visitor is safe during their visit and remains healthy after.


Knowing where people worked is key.

Easily seeing the individual and surrounding spaces provides an easy overlay for locations where infection rates may be higher or specific cases reported.

Flexibility & Distance

Choice and variety keep you safe.

The 10,000+ reservable workspaces in the Deskpass Network provide unlimited flexibility in location, configuration, spacing and standards to satisfy any user preference.


Secure networks and reliable connectivity.

Ensuring the privacy and security of data shared is a priotity for Deskpass partner locations to provide freedom of work with no risk of intrusion or interference.

Deskpass has transformed the way we think about our footprint and is the first option we think of when considering real estate in a new city.

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Best for companies with at least 5+ employees

Instantly deliver hybrid workspace options to your entire organization. Easily manage access to more than 10,000 desks, conference rooms, and private offices around the world.

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Best for freelancers, individuals reserving independently of their company, teams of less than 5 employees

Need a desk for a day, a conference room for a larger group, or a private office for an entire week? Explore the entire Deskpass network and instantly reserve your workspace with a few simple clicks.

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