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From luxe conference rooms in Seattle to tech-enabled hot desks in the
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Dip your toes in the water of coworking with our on-demand workspaces.

Searching, booking, and check-ins are all done through the Deskpass app.


For those who enjoy working side-by-side with colleagues or new friends, communal desks can be booked by the day


We offer real-time access, hourly and daily to meetings rooms, conference rooms, event spaces, training rooms, and phone booths


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Deskpass has transformed the way we think about our footprint and is the first option we think of when considering real estate in a new city.

Photo of Andrew Barrett-Weiss

One of the ways we would use Deskpass is as a reward for someone who had given the agency a lot from an hour standpoint or someone who needs to get some creativity. It's been a brilliant tool allowing us to offer managed workplace flexibility.

Photo of Alisa Wolfson

Deskpass feels like it was designed just for 5. Flexible work-from-home solutions combined with Deskpass access to dozens of office spaces near our clients has been a game changer for us.

Photo of Taylor Duncan

The pandemic accelerated our plans to close up our physical office and move to fully distributed work. Deskpass was an easy option to offer our employees during this transition who need a change of pace from their home office every now and then. The availability, flexibility, and safety of the spaces has been a great lifeline for our teams to use when needed.

Photo of Jack Nickell