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We spoke with Kaylee Moran, People Coordinator at Digiday, about her experience using Deskpass as a hybrid work solution for her team.

Digiday, a division of Digiday Media, takes a global view of the media and marketing industries and confronts the truths in technology’s disruption of these industries. Digiday connects with its audience across web, email, podcasts, a membership program and virtual and in-person events.


We’re overall really happy with Deskpass and will keep using it. It’s been a big benefit to our company culture and as part of our employee benefits and perks.

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How hybrid changed how they hire

Since the lockdown started, we have been hiring remotely. We now have no requirement to go back to an office at any point. While we do hope to open a New York City HQ in a couple of months, we’re currently hiring talent in California, the UK and every time zone in between. There really is a lot of flexibility. Pre-Covid, only a small fraction of our employees were not in or near New York City, but now we have employees in almost 20 states and in the UK.

…and enhanced company culture

Deskpass has been a good solution for us because it allows our team to work from wherever they’re based. For a lot of our employees, they utilize Deskpass if they need a space to work from for a day and aren’t in the New York Area. Even if they are in New York, it’s still helpful, as we don’t have an office there currently.

One thing we started doing for anyone that is in New York, is meeting at a specific Deskpass space on the same day. This way, we’re able to work together in a mock-office situation. Even when we do open an office, there will still be a need for Deskpass. It’s been a good solution as we’re navigating the remote office situation.

Adjusting their real estate needs

Adjusting their real estate needs

Because we don’t have any requirement to come into the office, we’ll probably open a smaller office space eventually, with the cadence of how often we think people will come in based on what we’ve polled them. Some employees will definitely want to come into the office on a hybrid schedule. We don’t foresee anyone wanting to come in five days a week, and most likely, there will be some people who don’t want to come in at all.

Use case ON-THE-GO

We have one team member who lives in Brooklyn but sometimes needs to go into Manhattan for a meeting with a client or a source. She’ll spend the rest of the day at a Deskpass space instead of having to travel all the way back to Brooklyn.

Favorite Deskpass features:

Ease of use, and the autonomy it allows

Ease of use, and the autonomy it allows

Our team is really grateful just to have the option to leave their houses. I think everyone has been a little cooped up, especially in the winter. Knowing that they have the flexibility to go somewhere else really helps and makes people feel cared for. It empowers our team to manage their own schedules.
Flexibility and freedom it allows

Flexibility and freedom it allows

It’s flexible and you can get last minute reservations if the need arises. Most people on our team don’t go more than once a week, but some do prefer to go in more often. It really depends on the person and how close they are to one.
Quality of spaces and services

Quality of spaces and services

The way a lot of spaces are set up, there are little pods where you can have your own area. It’s great for our team to work together in this way.
Pay-as-you-go billing

Pay-as-you-go billing

You’re not paying a monthly membership if people aren’t using it; you really are paying for what you need. That’s great for us and we’re really happy with Deskpass. Our employees are very grateful for it, too.

Right now, each employee can use four ‘Desk’ visits per month. That said, if they require a meeting room or would like to visit more than four times per month, we are happy to accommodate that.

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