Covid-19 Safety Pledge

Deskpass cares about your well being and wants to ensure that you feel safe while visiting our spaces. That’s why we’ve partnered with our spaces to develop a Safety Pledge Program.

This program allows our partner spaces to convey their current health and safety practices, special requirements, and revised access policies. This ensures that Deskpass members are fully-informed when making reservations, and prior to arrival at a space.

Deskpass has provided a list of suggested standards based on the recommendations from leading health and safety organizations (CDC, WHO, and OSHA) and the shared workspace industry. The safety practices of each space is publicly displayed on their Deskpass space profile under the Safety Pledge section.

    Spaces that choose from this list and provide their health and safety policies to Deskpass will receive a Safety Pledge badge on their profile.

  • 6 Feet Distance Between Workstations
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Common Surfaces
  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Schedule Posted
    A clearly displayed schedule to show when and how often cleaning and disinfecting is occurring.
  • Contingency Plan & Action Steps
    A clear plan for handling emergencies such as outbreaks, staff shortages, and loss of health and safety service providers.
  • COVID Education Program (2× Day)
    Structured information to train employees and members on COVID preparedness and safe operations management.
  • Disposable Covers or Disinfecting Wipes
    Provided by space to ensure each member has a safe workstation.
  • Dividers Between Workstations
    Shields to prevent air flow between workstations.
  • Hand Sanitizer Provided
  • HVAC Filters & Fresh Air Circulation
    Increased filter changes and outside air coming in.
  • Mask Optional
  • Mask Required
    Please bring your own face mask.
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Vaccination Required
  • Rapid Testing Required
  • Safe Food & Beverage Service
    A safety-first approach such as compostable and disposable cups, touchless dispensers, and required dishwasher use.
  • Safety Signage Posted On-Site
    Signs that allow members to safely navigate shared amenities.
  • Soft Furniture Disinfected Daily
    Spraying or wiping down fabric and other porous surfaces.

View a Space’s Pledge

If you navigate to a space’s profile, you can see the details of that individual space’s pledge.

For More Information

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If you’re a Deskpass Member and you have questions or concerns about our Safe Space Program, please contact us.

If you’re a Space in our Network and you have questions or would like to take our Safety Pledge, please contact us.