How Much Does a Coworking Space Cost?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, so we wanted to whip up a blog post to show how it all breaks down.

‘DESKreservations: general coworking in a shared space

For regular coworking, Deskpass offers 3 monthly membership options:

  • Starter: 1 credit for $19/month
  • Mini: 5 credits for $49/month
  • Part-Time: 10 credits for $99/month
  • Full-Time: 25 credits for $199/month

Remember, a Deskpass visit is good for the whole day, so you don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on your hours. You can arrive and leave the coworking space at any point on the day you reserve a seat.

Every Deskpass membership includes access to 500+ spaces (5x per month limit to the same space), discounted meeting room reservations. There are no commitments and you can cancel anytime.

For a more significant discount, we offer an Annual Plan. Since our Annual Plan is exactly our Full Time Monthly Membership ($199 per month cost), but steeply discounted, the true cost of the Full Time Monthly plan is $199/month X 12 months = $2388. When you commit to a full year of Deskpass upfront, you lock in a rate of $1399. That’s $989 in savings.

For the monthly memberships there are no commitments, no cancellation fees, and they include automatic rollovers which means if you don’t use all your visits in one month they automatically rollover to the next month and stay on your account for as long as you are an active member (you have an active subscription with Deskpass). 

You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your monthly subscriptions at any time, right through your account page.

Our annual plan is a prepaid offer that provides you a huge cost savings, so if you think you’ll be a power member – its a great deal!

‘MEET’: reserve a meeting room

Meeting room reservations allow you to rent specific spaces by the hour or day. For example, meeting rooms, phone booths, podcast rooms, training centers, event spaces, and more! 

Deskpass members receive a 10% discount on each space’s meeting room rentals and this discount is already reflected in the price shown. 

Not convinced? Take a look at how Deskpass compares to traditional offices and other coworking spaces/companies, including WeWork and Regus.

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