How to Get your Morning Cup of Coffee

You’ve checked in at your Deskpass coworking for the day and now it’s time to get to work. 

  • If you’re new to a space, definitely let the space manager know. We always encourage members visiting a space for the first time to have a quick tour so that you know exactly where everything is. We’ve found that it makes the experience more comfortable for everyone.
  • Make sure you check in on the Deskpass app or website, as soon as you arrive. By checking in, you’ll unlock important information under the Space Info tab such as door codes, WiFi network/PW, and more!

While not all of the coworking spaces in the Deskpass network offer free coffee as a perk, most do! Once you’ve settled into your desk area, head to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup. Some spaces have coffee already brewing and you just need to grab a mug from the counter or cupboard. 

A lot of our spaces make it really easy for members to get their caffeine fix. They’ll set up a self-service kind of coffee stand where everything you need—coffee, mugs, milk (if not in the refrigerator) and sugar—is in plain view. 

If you’re feeling friendly (we hope you are!), the kitchen is a great way to connect with other members in your city. While we wouldn’t recommend striking up a conversation with someone when they’re diligently working, consider the kitchen a safe space for socializing. This is the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow Deskpassers and other remote workers in your field. 

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