How to Navigate the Deskpass App

New to Deskpass? Welcome! We’re happy to have you in our community. Scroll below to learn more about how to best navigate our app.

Once you’ve chosen your plan (we have the ‘Mini’, the ‘Part-Time’, the ‘Full-Time’ and ‘Teams’ options) you’ll be able to see all your account information displayed under ‘Account’ in the app. 

This includes:

  • The number of Deskpass credits remaining in your current billing cycle
  • The date in which your membership will auto-renew
  • Your credit card information (full number hidden for your privacy and security)
  • Your referral code so you can start earning money with Deskpass
  • Your home city

There are also fields to update your password, your email address and other display information. 

At any time, you can change your home city. That said, you’ll really only need to do this if you actually move to a new city or are visiting one of the many other cities we operate in for a duration of time. There’s a simple dropdown where you can select your home city and save as the default. 

Time to choose your coworking space! The default view shows you a map of your home city—in my case, Washington, D.C. A few filters are set up as well, to make my search easier and highly catered to my coworking needs. 

Alternatively, you can hit ‘List’ to view the open coworking spaces in a list format and sift through spaces that way. The Deskpass app will show you all the spaces that are currently available in our network in your selected city. 

Filters are here to make your Deskpass experience as comfortable as possible. First, choose whether you are looking to reserve shared coworking space (‘Desk’), a meeting room (‘Meet’) or an entire office (‘Office’).

For example, if you are looking to Deskpass by the day, you will see a list of filters such as ‘Coffee Provided,’ ‘Pet Friendly.’ and ‘Private Areas.’

To search for private meeting rooms, click on the ‘Meet’ filter.

Some of these amenities include: whether or not it’s ADA compliant, if there is access to office supplies, parking options, and multimedia connectors and adaptors. 

When you see a space you’re interested in learning more about, click on it to display more information like the location, their opening hours for Deskpass members, amenities and contact details should you have specific questions.

We’re all about transparency here at Deskpass, so we’ve asked spaces to provide everything you need to know, like where Deskpass members should sit once they’re all checked in. As a note, we do not own/operate the spaces on Deskpass, but rather we are showing the profiles created by the spaces themselves.

When you’re ready to pre-book a space or meeting room, you simply select the day. We always recommend Deskpassers to book a space the evening before. This way, the space knows in advance that you will be joining them and can make sure they’re ready to accommodate you. 

When you click on the ‘Past’ tab, you’ll see a list of all the coworking spaces you’ve visited. This is a great way to keep track of your favorite spaces that you wish to visit again. 

If you haven’t reserved any spaces, your account will look like this. 

We’ve outlined our community guidelines, should you have any specific questions about how Deskpass works. We also have an active in-app community feature where you can interact with fellow members in your city, share tips and grow your network. 

Can’t find the answer to your question? We’re here to help! Start a conversation and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Happy Deskpassing! 

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